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      1. 中科聚峰礦井車設備

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        The mine loader is a kind of commonly used engineering machinery, and the working environment is relatively poor. When the mine loader is in field operation, due to the influence of many objective factors such as environment, temperature and construction conditions, the equipment will inevitably have insufficient driving force in the process of use. This not only affects the normal work efficiency, but also increases the construction cost, and will have a serious impact on the construction plan and progress. Therefore, it is very important for the construction personnel to judge the fault of the loader.
        Reasons for insufficient drive of mine loader:
        ① The pressure of the loader speed change system is too low, and the load will slip. Check the variable speed valve, variable speed pump, etc. according to the method of checking low pressure. The variable speed pressure is normal, but the operation is still weak, and oil leaks outward from the motor. This phenomenon is generally caused by the damage of the rotating oil seal of the torque converter or the damage of the O-ring between the cover wheel and the pump wheel.
        ② The transmission pressure is normal, the operation is weak, the oil temperature is high, and there is aluminum foam on the oil bottom. This fault is caused by the damage of the pump wheel, guide wheel or stage I and II turbine of the torque converter. It is recommended to disassemble the torque converter for inspection.
        ③ If the speed change pressure is normal, walking is OK, but eating soil is weak. This phenomenon is mostly caused by the damage of the overrunning clutch, such as the failure of three compression springs of the overrunning clutch, the fracture of the isolating ring, and the serious wear of the roller working surface of the inner ring cam or the outer ring gear. Generally, the parts or the large overrunning clutch assembly should be disassembled and replaced.
        ④ Although the variable-speed pressure can reach normal, the gauge needle swings and is unstable, and the variable-speed pump will make abnormal noise, and it will be unable to work or start to work normally. After a period of time, it will be unable to work. This kind of fault often occurs after replacing the variable-speed pump or overhauling the double transformer assembly. The reason is that the low-pressure pipeline of the variable speed pump is not tightly sealed, causing a large amount of air intake and insufficient oil supply to the torque converter.
        As for the mine loader, if the speed change pressure is normal, the work can start, but after a period of time, it becomes weak, and the more the refueling gate car is, the more it will not go. It can only go after slowly raising the throttle or stopping for a while. First of all, clean the oil pan of the loader gearbox. Because the filter screen is blocked by dirt, the oil can not be absorbed, which may also cause this kind of fault.
        The above is the tunnel loader introduced to you http://www.socialsecurityutah.com I hope that the detailed introduction to the will be helpful to you If you have any questions, please contact us We will provide you with professional service
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