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      1. 中科聚峰礦井車設備

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        When it comes to small loaders, I believe everyone is familiar with it. Under the rapid development of modern villages and towns, it is not difficult to find its presence as long as there is a place for construction. It is inevitable that various problems will occur when small loaders are used on a large scale. Among them, the internal leakage of steering cylinder is a thorny problem, which will lead to heavy steering of loaders. How can we judge whether the oil cylinder is leaking? The following editor will teach you:
        1. Remove the hydraulic hose and connector connected to the large chamber of the right steering cylinder, insert the oil pipe into the oil barrel for 3min, and then take a taxi again after the residual oil at the cylinder head end does not flow. Continue to operate the right steering. Remember not to turn to the left at this time, otherwise the oil injection and direction of the removed hydraulic hose will be out of control. Observe the oil flow at the oil port of the large chamber of the right steering cylinder.
        2. Measure the time of oil drop. At this time, the steering oil circuit is always in a pressure holding state. Since the removed rubber hose is connected with the oil return port of the steering gear, there is continuous oil flow. This process takes about 30-60 seconds.
        The above is the mine loader introduced to you http://www.socialsecurityutah.com I hope that the detailed introduction to the will be helpful to you If you have any questions, please contact us We will provide you with professional service
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