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      1. 中科聚峰礦井車設備

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        Shandong loader is one of the commonly used equipment in construction engineering. It is mainly used in road construction and building construction, sometimes in hydropower construction, and even in port construction and mine construction. The main work content of this kind of equipment is to load some scattered materials, such as soil or sand, Of course, sometimes it can also be used for light excavation. So what should we pay attention to when we disassemble the loader?
        1. If the disassembly of equipment needs to be carried out in the equipment warehouse, the lifting device can be carried out by using the crown block in the equipment warehouse of the mining party.
        2. Before disassembly, check the instructions first. During disassembly, strictly follow the instructions. All kinds of parts and small parts should be properly kept, packaged and stored. The disassembled parts should be handled with care and packaged to prevent damage during later transportation.
        3. When disassembling the machine, some personnel must be present to supervise the operation, and there must be no one under the lifting arm during the disassembly process.
        4. When disassembling the oil tank of the machine, it is necessary to clean the stain on the oil tank opening first, so as to avoid the stain from entering the inside. We can't wear gloves when removing the oil tank, which may cause fibers to enter the oil port.
        The above are some problems we need to pay attention to when disassembling the loader. If you have other needs, you are welcome to contact us.
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