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      1. 中科聚峰礦井車設備

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        Mine loader is an ideal tool for shovel loading and short distance handling. So, do you know how to reverse the mine loader? Give you a detailed introduction.
        1、 How to reverse
        (1) 礦井裝載機倒車時,車頭穿過的區域比車身占用的區域大得多,所以在注意車尾的同時,不要忽視左右兩端對車頭的觀察,尤其是此時通過車前的行人。
        (1) When reversing the mine loader, the area that the car head passes through is much larger than the area occupied by the car body. Therefore, while paying attention to the rear of the car, do not ignore the observation of the car head at the left and right ends, especially the pedestrians passing in front of the car at this time.
        (2) 靠近車輛側面的區域??拷囕v兩側的區域看不見,轉向時,前輪軌跡為圓弧,與后輪有輪差,倒車時可能劃傷。
        (2) The area close to the side of the vehicle. The area close to both sides of the vehicle cannot be seen. When turning, the track of the front wheel is circular arc, which is different from the rear wheel. It may be scratched when reversing.
        (3) 后擋風玻璃的下部。如果沒有輔助設備,倒車時該區域完全不可見。
        (3) The lower part of the rear windshield. If there is no auxiliary equipment, the area is completely invisible when reversing.
        (4) 如果有倒車雷達,當遇到一些較低的障礙物時,倒車雷達不能保證完全判斷。
        (4) If there is a reversing radar, the reversing radar cannot ensure complete judgment when encountering some low obstacles.
        (5) 注意車輛周圍的障礙物、車輛和人員。礦井裝載機有很大的視覺盲區。一定要倒車。
        (5) Pay attention to obstacles, vehicles and personnel around the vehicle. The mine loader has a big blind spot. Be sure to back up.
        Mine loader
        (6) 檢查周圍是否有人,以確保。
        (6) Check whether there are people around to ensure that.
        2、 Preventive measures
        (1) 礦井裝載機工作時,不要鏟取大于車輛重量的物體。
        (1) When the mine loader is working, do not shovel objects larger than the weight of the vehicle.
        (2) 礦井裝載機在高溫下工作時,要注意水箱中的水,多觀察水溫,防止發動機高溫。
        (2) When the mine loader works under high temperature, pay attention to the water in the water tank and observe the water temperature to prevent the engine from high temperature.
        (3) 啟動前,觀察機器前后是否有障礙物和行人,按完喇叭后啟動。
        (3) Before starting, observe whether there are obstacles and pedestrians in front of and behind the machine, and start after honking the horn.
        (4) 行駛時,可根據路況選擇高速檔和低速檔。行駛中嚴禁吊起和翻轉鏟斗。
        (4) When driving, you can select high gear and low gear according to the road conditions. It is forbidden to lift or turn over the bucket during driving.
        (5) 行走時,盡量避免將鏟斗抬得太高。根據不同的土質采用不同的開挖方法,盡量從正面插入鏟斗,防止鏟斗單邊受力。
        (5) When walking, try not to lift the bucket too high. Different excavation methods shall be adopted according to different soil properties, and the bucket shall be inserted from the front as far as possible to prevent unilateral stress of the bucket.
        (6) 在松軟不平的場地作業時,將提升桿置于浮動位置,使鏟斗在平坦的地面上工作。
        (6) When working on a soft and uneven ground, place the lifting lever in the floating position to make the bucket work on a flat ground.
        3、 The following precautions shall be paid attention to during the operation of mine loader:
        1. the brake, horn and steering gear shall be complete and sensitive, and the "traffic rules" shall be observed during driving. If you need to drive frequently on the highway, the driver must have a "motor vehicle driving license".
        2. when the mine loader works with the dump truck, the dump truck shall not pass under the bucket during loading.
        3. when the loader is running with a full bucket, the bucket should not be raised too high, generally about 0.5m from the ground.
        4. avoid improper high speed and sharp turning when the loader is driving.
        5. when the mine loader encounters such phenomena as increased resistance, tire (or track) slipping, engine speed reduction, etc., it shall stop shoveling and loading and shall not be operated forcibly.
        The mine loader has the advantages of fast running speed, good mobility and light operation. Therefore, it has developed rapidly and become the main machinery for earthwork construction. It is used for filling and excavation of subgrade works, aggregate and loading of asphalt and cement concrete storage yard.
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