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      1. 中科聚峰礦井車設備

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        Small loader is a kind of heavy mechanical equipment often used in engineering construction projects, and it is also one of the common equipment in the market. The service life and work efficiency of loaders are closely related to the management mode of the enterprise. If we neglect the maintenance and management of loaders when using them for operation, it is likely to lead to increased damage to equipment in the later stage, and the occurrence rate of faults with increased losses will also rise, which will not only affect the service life of equipment, but also have hidden dangers.
        As the management and user of loaders, some people only take up their posts after a few days of training. They lack some professional knowledge on their posts and equipment maintenance knowledge. When purchasing accessories and selecting accessories for installation, because the selected accessories are of inferior quality, installation on better equipment will reduce the use efficiency of the equipment, and it is likely to cause damage to the equipment for a long time.
        In the off the shelf operation with loaders, the site environment may be complex and the site location may be remote. If there are serious problems with loaders at this time, the timely maintenance of loaders may be delayed and certain damage may be caused. Moreover, some management companies do not pay enough attention to the after-sales maintenance of loaders. They may not be professional enough in the later maintenance, and the maintenance measures and records are not perfect.
        Therefore, we should pay attention to the cultivation of personnel quality and knowledge in the protection and maintenance of loaders. We should not be careless in the maintenance of loaders. We must follow the relevant processes.
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