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        The mine loader adopts a high-power four cylinder diesel engine with large power reserve and strong power. The appearance of the whole machine is generous and stable. The ultra-low body design solves the problem of narrow and low roadway operation. The hydraulic oil circuit is equipped with three-stage filtration to ensure that the hydraulic system is clean
        潔、通暢、可靠,延長各液壓元件的使用壽命。后置排煙過濾系統,保證了巷道作業場所的空氣清潔。 雙搖臂礦井裝載機、超低身礦井裝載機.
        Clean, unobstructed and reliable, extending the service life of hydraulic components. The rear smoke exhaust and filtration system ensures the air cleanliness of the roadway workplace. Double rocker arm mine loader, ultra low body mine loader
        Traction force ≥ 95n, digging force ≥ 13.0n, operation ability industry, conquer all kinds of bad working conditions.
        Characteristics of mine loader model:
        1. APD hydraulic system, energy saving.
        2. Proprietary large torque transmission chain, with reasonable matching.
        3. Featured heavy-duty structural parts, no redundancy.
        4. Industry with ultra long wheelbase, working capacity and stability.
        5. The centering design of the main hinge reduces the turning radius and reduces tire wear and energy loss.
        6. The cab is designed with ergonomic concept, with integral skeleton structure, exquisite interior decoration, large space, sound insulation and noise reduction.
        7. Single row large distance radiator, anti clogging, easy to clean.
        8. With various configurations and complete machines and tools, it can meet the construction requirements of different areas and working conditions.
        The radiator of the mine loader may leak, causing insufficient fluid. Check the cause of water leakage and add enough water after troubleshooting;
        Main technical characteristics of mine loader
        The frame of the whole machine adopts Q460 plate with strong bearing capacity. Resistant to distortion and tension, especially suitable for underground operation.
        The swing frame adopts the swing of the slewing bearing frame, and this swing type is free of damage for life.
        The traveling system of the whole machine adopts imported hydraulic pump and motor, which has high reliability. This system is a high-pressure variable, and the output traction is large, which makes it easier to shovel and load materials.
        The power reserve of the whole machine is strong, and the shovel loading and digging force is large, which makes the underground operation. Economic performance.
        The working operation system is hydraulic pilot operation, which greatly reduces the fatigue intensity of driver operation and further increases the operation efficiency (hydraulic pilot operation refers to boom lifting, boom lowering, bucket tipping and bucket retraction).
        The thermostat of the mine loader is damaged, which causes the large cycle to fail to open, causing the machine to overheat. The thermostat should be replaced.
        * 超長軸距(2900mm),行業第三代裝載機經典結構,作業能力更強,轉彎半徑更小,后輪磨損更低。
        *The ultra long wheelbase (2900mm), the classic structure of the third generation loader in the industry, has stronger operation capacity, smaller turning radius and lower rear wheel wear.
        The parking and service braking system of the whole machine is two in one. The brake is spring braking and hydraulic release. It is especially suitable for inclined roadway, drift, shovel loading, slag discharge and high performance.
        The bucket of the whole machine adopts V-shaped manganese steel alloy shovel plate design, which can be customized to process special-shaped buckets according to user requirements.
        The whole machine is equipped with a high and low adjustable roof shed. It has strong adaptability, and the height from the ground to the roof is only 1.8 meters.
        The whole machine is equipped with mine specific nylon 18-layer tie resistant and cutting tires as standard, which will escort your shovel loading work. Four tire protection chains are standard.
        The whole series is equipped with imported tail gas purifier and secondary purification water washing box as standard to ensure a cleaner underground working environment
        The above is a detailed introduction about the mining loader, which I hope will be helpful to you If you have any questions, please contact us We will provide you with professional service http://www.socialsecurityutah.com